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Random thoughts from an emerging Programmer

Be Nice, Give Your Visitors Some Sweet

Aren’t you bugged of all this evil around you and in the world? Not Even the Internet is a nice place.
Everywhere are phisher, Spammer, Harvester, Viruses, Trojans and so on. But that’s no reason not to give some love to your visitors by handling them over some sweet( for sure in digital kind!).
I mean if no one starts to be nice, the web never changes.

Who sweets deserve

So who deserves sweets? These who deserve sweets are a minority within our web community. Although they’re just a small part they have much influence and visit more websites within a week than most of us do within their live!
These good labourers deserve some sweets for their hard work. I mean they visit each and every link. Although links a normal user Never see! Because the normal user just visits your site skin-deep, but this minority finds every link! And that’s not all they do, they fill our email boxes with live and long awaited content, bring comments to our blogs and forums. They really deserve something. Something SPECIAL!

How to give some sweet

How do we give them now sweets? As we know they’re the only ones who find each and every link. Therefore why should a normal user be able to find the way to the sweets too? To block this we put simply some “hidden sweet links” to our website, which just these labourer find.
And behind this link they find the paradise. Some unused Email addresses! And they turn happy and know why they’re working so hard!

They’re getting what they deserve!

After they found the sweets, they’re tracked and as soon as they use this unused email you can block the IPs which use it. That works not only for Harvesters and Spam Mails. No, you can now also fight with this way Spammer. Project Honey Pot which just signed a 1$ Billion Lawsuit has also ways to find and block Comment Spammer.

How it works

Setting up your own Honey Pot

Setting up your own honey Pot to trap the evil is as easy as uploading an additional page or editing the template of your blog.
At first you need an account.
After that you can install your own honey pot. Just define in what language the file shall be written, as well as some other informations. Download the file, Upload the file. View the file, Follow the instructions and visit the link. And you’re done. Now you need only to add some links to your websites so that Crawlers can find them.
If you don’t own webspace you need only to be able to edit the template files and add Quicklinks to your theme.
Quicklinks are links to other Honey Pots. After these few steps you run your own Honey pot, which catches Harvester, Spam Server, and Comment Spammer. At Project Honey Pot you can track your trap.

How to profit from the Data

Ok with the current Information you don’t profit in anyway, except that the Spammer, maybe some day will be sued. Another Press Release from Project Honey Pot was http:BL. With this Blacklist API you can send the Visitor IP to Project Honey Pot. There it’s compared with the collected data. After that you get a result back, where you can find out if and when, which Type the malicious server is. Also you can find out, when the IP was last time active(maybe they Spammer moved to another IP and the visitor is legit?). And how much he scores within Threat and Damage.
Depending on that Information you can decide either to block the access attempt or allow it.

Which software does already make use of it?

There’s a good version for WordPress
And for phpBB is a Knowledge article available


Try to install a honey Pot at your Website or at least try to link to one. The more we are the more we have impact on it. Maybe we can get the Web a cleaner place to stay! Install http:BL Plugins/Mods to protect your website from these evil.