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Random thoughts from an emerging Programmer

Having Fun With Google

Are you bored and don’t know what to do? Ever tried to have fun while working with Google?
You have to try it, it can be real fun!

Google Code Search

This service was made public by Google in October last year. The sense behind this feature is to make it easier for programmer to search for Code examples. The Source Code which you get as result was crawled by Google at websites all over the web. The Source Code you can view is open source, so no copyright problems are caused.

How you have fun

As you surely as developer of programs know it’s sometimes the hell to get your code working. And as it seems many programmer want to remember this also years after creation, when they have to work with the code again. If you search for damn, fuck, and other 4 letter words and other expressions you find many funny statements. You can see some of them at this website: webthreads.de.
Don’t think you find no comments about persons who haven’t to do anything with programming. So let’s see what you can get by crawling for George W Bush:

85: AddReply([’ george ‘, ’ bush ‘], [

     'Bush, this man is a war criminal, and we will see that he is brought to trial.';  
      , 'The leader of the international criminal gang of bastards.';  

790: ;; MORAL-II: Redefining somebody else’s advice is BAAAAD (to speak with

   ;; George Walker Bush), and why would you redefine your own advice anyway?  
   ;; Advice is a mechanism to facilitate function redefinition, not advice

Let’s talk with Google

Googles search Engine is already able to talk with you! Visit douweosinga and you’ll see that this is possible.

How it works

It’s totally simple at the website above you simply write 3 or 4 words into a Textbox. The script searches then at Google and returns you for the first search Result the first Word after the term given by yours. Now it removes the first word of your word group and searches after it again, with the first returned word added. Also this time is the first word after the group taken and added to your sentence, as well as it is now part of the search term. And so on.
So you get often funny sentences, which end everytime, just a question of time, after a while as mess.
As the search results for the terms changes just as the web changes your results can be tomorrow totally different than they were today.
So for example I got from Google (Bold are my words):
* George Bush drinks the Blood of the Jews and Poles.
* bill gates plan to Win the War on terror, as a tool for learning. and Teaching. in the Social Sciences. – That’s the answer to the question why the hell MS products are so expensive. we help to fight terrorism!


As you see you can get alot of fun with Googles services. So why don’t you try it for yourself? It’s worth a look!
Here are the links again:
Google Code Search
Google Talk