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Restoring Windows

Just the latest example how stupid I can be sometimes:
I’ve dropped yesterday my Linux Partition from my laptop. It wouldn’t be that problematic if it hadn’t the Boot session on it. Anyway I didn’t noticed that big mistake until I restarted my Laptop and encounter some Error while Loading GRUB.
After the first seconds of thinking, what happened, I started to knock my head against the table(not really:)). As soon as I stopped to hate myself I made a search for a solution and quickly found an Answer: Start your PC with your Recovery CD and run fixmbr and fixboot. Ok, no big deal…as long as you have your Recovery CD with you, but I didn’t…(second time some knocking, was hearable).
So my next try was to get some Recovery Application on the base of some small DOS Boot, I found quickly something, anyway it didn’t worked for XP(at least for my PC it didn’t).
Next I’ve inserted the Vista Recovery from some friend( I would like to mention that without any Install you can run already some Safe-Mode like Vista…with working Notepad, aso.). I was even able to start a Cmd.exe, but the next shock wasn’t far as I noticed that fixmbr and fixboot didn’t worked within Vista. A new search was on the way, on how to get fixmbr&fixboot working on Vista Recovery CDs, again I had luck and found soon, a solution…you have to call them as Parameter through some other application:

bootrec.exe /fixmbr  
bootrec.exe /fixboot  

I’ve applied both commands, the had be done correctly and after a Restart I was able to Boot Windows again. The only good point is that I don’t have to take care on startup if the correct OS is selected, anymore :).
A side note for the next time I make any changes to an OS, be sure to have the recovery CD near myself!