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How to Get PHP5 Working on Debian 3.1

It took me ages to get my server updated to PHP5. I’ve tried multiple ways to get it working as well compiling the sources itself…(Yeah I’m quite new to Linux and it’s install behaves and blame me if you like, but I like the easy way not the hard one)
But I got none working except I found today that post, it’s quite short but it is totally enough. I’ve got everything I need to run my PHP now under the Version 5.
Ok it wasn’t exactly as in the Post stated, I had to install as well php5-mysql, to get the database running again and I didn’t needed to create softlinks to php5.conf & php5.load, but it still was quite easy no need to compile the source code yourself…
With that post I’m adding as well some New Category Webserver where I take notes for everyone Public, but mostly they’re for my personal usage for the case that I should need them again.